Freedom and Hope

New life for the Trokosi

Joshua and Victoria Baah-Binney serve in Ghana, where they are a part of God's work in giving physical and spiritual freedom.

“Trokosi" is a religious practice in the Volta region of Ghana, which is called African Traditional Region where folks worship gods and ancestral spirits. This practice believes that there is a god in charge of every city or town. So when someone commits a crime against someone, the crime is against the god and the offender has to appease the gods or else curses and calamities will befall the person, family, and community.

To prevent this from happening, a virgin girl as young as six from the family has to be offered to pay for the crime and serve the priest the rest of her life. She becomes the priest's property, who does whatever he wants with her.

By God's Grace and support from our partners, we have been able to free six girls and three children born at the shrine since 2017. We have been successful uniting two with their parents. And, we have found jobs for two. There are more women on the waiting list to be freed. But there is no room to house them.

It is with this need a land is being secured to build a vocational school to offer them life skills in sewing, catering, jewelry-making and hair/nail. This two-year training program will prepare the women to live as free women in Jesus and be independent. After their training, our ministry will help them with seed capital to buy the equipment needed to start their own business. Their training will be holistic, including Bible study for their spiritual growth, clinical counseling for their psychological healing, and anything else needed to help them heal.

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