Apprenticeships are a 6-36 month commitment to serve on an existing ministry team, gain experience, and learn.


Apprenticeships are an opportunity for those who have a strong call to mission service but are still discerning where that may be and what it could look like. This is a 6- to 36-month commitment to join an existing New International project or team in order to learn from and contribute to the people and ministry. Apprenticeships are available overseas or at the Center for Global Outreach and may require some experience or previous training. Applicants must be at least one year removed from high school. Apprentices raise their own support for the complete project. Candidates must demonstrate calling and have a learner disposition, but do not have to have discerned a destination or ministry before they apply.


Listed below are some of the needs expressed by our existing teams and ministries, however this list is not exhaustive and apprenticeship opportunities can be created based on the applicant's background, ministry pursuits, and gift set. Select a position below for more details.

Cell Church Worker/Mexico

Join with Impacto Latino, a ministry of NMSI in Pachuca, Mexico, in a 'cell church' approach to church planting with an established and growing community church.

Chemist, Construction Manager/ Engineer, English Teacher, Horticulturalist/Asia

A Business as Mission project in an Asian country is looking for teammates with following skills : Chemist, Construction Manager/ Engineer, English Teacher, Horticulturalist. You can make a long-term commitment or join the ministry for a year and till make impact.

Church Planting/Kenya

AfricaHope is looking for people to join their cross-cultural team to work in their 'holistic approach' to church multiplication.

Developing Sustainable Church Plants/SE Asia

Help nationals with a heart for church planting develop entrepreneurial business and creative church planting strategies to open doors for self-supported church planting movements in this SE Asia country.

Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation/SE Asia

A team pioneering solutions for poverty alleviation and church multiplication is looking for business students and practitioners who want to help equip micro-entrepreneurs in an emerging economy.

Ends Cycling Digital Content Coordinator/FL

The Digital Content Coordinator manages Ends Cycling social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, IG, blog, e-news). This person would work with Ends Cycling partners, YouthHOPE and field missionaries to capture God-stories to relay back to Ends Cycling followers via digital media. Graphic Design background would we a plus.

Ends Cycling Videographer & Storyteller/FL

The EC Videographer/Storyteller helps create ride-specific videos and generic videos for Ends Cycling. Helping to tell the story through video, this person does a re-cap on each day of the cycling tours they are on, as well as helps collect stories for a future Ends Cycling blog. Highly recommend to attend as many tours as possible.

Establishing Youth Ministry/SE Asia

Join a team ministering to youth and youth workers living in orphanages/youth homes in this SE Asia country. Work together with the team as they partner with the leadership of under resourced Christian youth homes, training leaders, leading youth camps, and teaching tutoring programs.

Foundations for Farming/Kenya

Serve alongside nationals in training and implementing agriculture best practices based on ECHO/Foundations for Farming principles.

Girls Education and Discipleship/Malawi

Join an established ministry of Rutherford and Tsahai Banda to serve girls at risk at Elizabeth House of Hope In Nsaru, Malawi, through education, mentoring and discipleship.

International Student Outreach/US Midwest

Join an existing outreach to international students, primarily from the Middle East, studying in the Midwest.

Media for church planting training center/ Mexico

Impacto Latino team in Mexico is establishing a church planting training center and is looking for a full-time media person (graphic design, video, web) to facilitate center's mission of recruiting, coaching, fundraising and networking both in Mexico and in the US.

Property Management/Kenya

AfricaHope is looking for business-oriented people with property management skills and interests in business to join their cross-cultural team in Narok, Kenya.

Relational Evangelism/South Europe

Work in relational evangelism; must speak Farsi.

Teaching Spanish to immigrant population

Teaching English/Spanish in an immigrant outreach program. Spanish language proficiency is helpful but not mandatory. North African-Focused outreach in a strategic church planting context.

TESOL teaching/Mexico

Use your TESOL training to teach ESL classes in Pachuca, Mexico with youth and adults. Join and existing church planting team of Impacto Latino, who are using TESOL as an outreach method to attract people to the church.

Website developer/Central Asia

A marketplace ministry in Central Asia would welcome services of a website developer for 3- months.

Youth Ministry Development/ Globally

YouthHOPE is passionate about mobilizing youth workers around the globe. We offer customized opportunities (apprenticeships) from 3-12 months for individuals or small groups (short term projects) to learn alongside an existing ministry abroad in order to experience a holistic approach to working with youth. Full time ministry openings range from agricultural development, entrepreneurial/business training, mentoring and discipleship, local and village youth ministry, and more.

Youth Ministry Development/US

YouthHOPE offers opportunities to work alongside the team in the Center For Global Outreach in Fort Myers, FL. Ranging from 6 to 12 month apprenticeships to full time staff positions, you can use your gifts and experience in order to promote and facilitate global youth ministry. This includes positions in communications, recruiting, leadership development, fundraising, and much more. Contact us to explore these opportunities.

Preliminary Inquiry Form

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