College age? Want to make a difference and experience missions? Join next summer internship with Venture.

Serving in:

  • Global Ministries

Ministry focus:

  • Short-term Mobilization
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Venture Internships

"Venture internships have done an amazing job getting a program together that both helps students from the U.S. learn about global mission work and does great work for the world. If you are concerned about Christ reaching our world, you should work with this program—you should meet with these people!" —Professor Rob Maupin, Lincoln Christian University

Why Participate?

  • Learn about the reality of life in a different country and how to effectively share the love of Christ cross-culturally
  • Serve alongside experienced missionaries and partner with them in ministering to the people in their communities
  • Grow in your relationship with God and see how He is calling you to continue to be involved in global missions

What New International Internships Provide for You

  • Pre-field training to prepare you to for cross-cultural ministry
  • Debrief and processing to help you understand your experience
  • Specialized projects designed to utilize your passions, gifts and skills
  • An experienced team-leader to guide and mentor you
  • Encouragement and support as you do fundraising
  • Work with your university to receive academic credits for your internship

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