Susan serves as the CFO for New International and also has a passion for ministering to and praying for missionaries worldwide.

Serving in:

  • Center for Global Outreach

Ministry focus:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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Susan Caple

Susan was appointed Chief Financial Officer for New Mission Systems International in June of 2005. She came well-equipped to lead in this capacity. Susan is a self-taught entrepreneur with experience as a business owner in a construction and rental management company. She has experience building systems and processes that aid in organizational efficiency as well as legal compliance issues. As CFO, Susan recruited and trained new finance staff, tripling the size of the Finance division while seeing our donor contributions increase from $1.5 million to over $7 million annually. She led New International in the membership process for ECFA, and under her leadership, New International has achieved the highest rating both from Charity Navigators and ECFA.

A glimpse of daily life in SE Asia

Although Susan serves as CFO, her gifts are not limited to finance. She feels called to both minister toward and pray for missionaries worldwide, teaches during our New International Orientation program for new affiliates, serves on the Strategic Leadership Team, and finds joy in writing and editing for multiple New International publications. Susan is a certified Life Coach.

Susan and her husband, Donald, are long-time residents of Fort Myers, FL. They have been married since 1980 and have four children and seven grandchildren.


With New International since 2003

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