Teaching Youth to Encounter God, Serve the Church, and Reach the World

Serving in:

  • Ethiopia

Ministry focus:

  • Youth Ministry
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Rebekah Saum

In 2008 Rebekah packed up her car and drove to Aguascalientes, Mexico where she lived and worked as an English teacher for four years. During that time, she also attended Bible school and served as Adolescent Ministry Coordinator of a local church. After moving back to Ohio, she earned her BA in Christian Leadership and Ministry and served for four years as youth and worship minister at the Hispanic Church of Columbus.

Now God is calling her to start a project in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Among the Oromo there are still five unreached people groups, which translates to approximately 9.7 million people who are still without the good news of Christ. Rebekah believes wholeheartedly that God longs to use the Oromo youth who already know Christ to change that number. For this reason she and the team that God is building are starting a learning center where they will come alongside students ages 14-25 to train them and send them out to serve the world in the name of Jesus. In her previous trips to Ethiopia, Rebekah has already met many Oromo students who are eager for this kind of training. She is waiting with anticipation to see all the wonderful things that God is going to do through this generation and the generations to come.

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