Rachel serves in media communications at the CGO.

Serving in:

  • Center for Global Outreach

Ministry focus:

  • Media Communications
with image description Since 2016
Rachel Pillard

During college, Rachel fell in love with the cultures of the world. Involvement with Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a short-term trip sparked her interest in global missions. Shortly after graduating in 2015, Rachel participated in an internship with the Fig Leaf Boutique at New International where God nurtured her passion for advancement and communications. Rachel then recognized her desire for a meaningful career in spreading the gospel and returned to New International in 2017. After a year-long apprenticeship, she affiliated for long-term service beginning in 2018.

Rachel serves in media communications to support the work of missionaries worldwide and share their stories. She creates print materials such as newsletters, prayer cards, and displays to maintain consistent communications with missionaries' supporters. In addition, Rachel gets to share on a broader scale how God is transforming lives around the world, and give Him the glory.

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