Open Door Libraries (General Fund): Creating safe places and making resources available to explore the meaning of life and belief

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Open Door Libraries

A cup of coffee. Friendly, caring staff. A place where people of all ages can read, listen to music, watch video, relax, socialize, and investigate Christianity at their own pace, free from judgment or pressure. OPEN DOOR LIBRARIES provides community learning centers that offer a bright, welcoming environment filled with Christian books, media and other resources for adults and children. Currently there are three libraries located in cities where there are few evangelical churches and Christian resources are scarce. Our libraries fill this void by providing resources that would otherwise be unavailable, presenting Jesus Christ in intellectually stimulating and culturally appropriate ways for seekers and believers alike.  It is inspiring to see people discover God for the first time and experience the hope of the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Meetings of all kinds are held at the libraries. Groups of believers meet for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. Mothers and children gather to hear Christian-themed stories and enjoy puppet shows. Stories and books enrich childhood, and stories of Jesus are becoming a part of the lives of children who come to the libraries. Concerts, art shows and seminars attract the local community, introducing more and more people to Jesus Christ.  Libraries double as centers for equipping pastors and Christian leaders. Our resource specialists train local leaders and nationals in such essential disciplines as Biblical studies, apologetics, Christian counseling, and finance, as well as principles for Christian living, including marriage, parenting and healthy relationships.

OPEN DOOR LIBRARIES has as its primary goal to reach people with the gospel message. We provide venues that are non-threatening to people or even governments where people have access to Christian literature and the opportunity to interact with Christian people. ODL is truly unique in providing this ministry service. 

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