Connections is a German English Christian Library and Coffee House in the heart of Berlin.

Serving in:

  • Germany

Ministry focus:

  • Community Outreach and Networking
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Berlin Library - Connections

We offer Christian books, resources, seminars, language learning and artistic events dealing with issues that make up life and the pursuit of God. We believe the truth of the Bible is the only hope for a city darkened by decades of war, unrest, hatred, suffering, and fear.

Berliners LOVE Books and LOVE Coffee - so our Library is the perfect environment to engage the culture.

Connections is located in the heart of Berlin in a neighborhood that is very multi-cultural.  We have encountered more than 120 nations as people travel through Berlin as well as the immigrants who have made Germany home. 

Our books in both German and English deal with faith, biographies, friendship, marriage, family, child-rearing, biblical studies, church history, leadership, and family-friendly novels. Children are very welcome in our ‘Kinder Castle’ with a variety of children’s books waiting to be discovered.

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