Jeannette and Marty love to serve New International missionaries overseas through their work at the CGO.

Serving in:

  • Center for Global Outreach

Ministry focus:

  • Information Systems
with image description Since 2015
Marty & Jeannette Steiner

Jeannette and Marty Steiner serve at the Center for Global Outreach (CGO) in Fort Myers, Florida. They have been married since 1978 and raised three sons. Jeannette and Marty have served in several churches as volunteers and as full-time staff. Both of them have served in worship ministry, and Jeannette has both begun and directed women's ministries.

Celebrating the Foster family's commissioning

Jeannette serves in the Finance Division as Accounts Receivable Manager and is responsible for all incoming donations. Marty serves in the Information Technology (IT) Division, providing computing and communication services for New International globally. He provides technical support, repair and maintenance in the areas of networking, as well as desktop and mobile computing. Jeannette and Marty are also involved in mentoring, and love to serve our missionaries overseas.

With New International since 2005

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