Video Producer, Content Creator, Storyteller and all around good guy.

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  • USA

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  • Video Production
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Joshua Dyer

Missionaries spend a lifetime transplanting themselves into a culture and becoming an integral part of the community. There is an incredible effort and sacrifices to affect their new community for Christ. Through their efforts there will come amazing stories of God’s faithfulness and provision. There will be stories of lives truly changed, families restored, captives set free, communities strengthened, and individuals making the ultimate choice of salvation through Jesus Christ; but these stories aren’t often heard.

That’s the heart of where I want to be! I want to share those amazing God-Stories with the world through high-end video production. So the missionaries can present them to the communities they are a part of, to their missionary partners, and--through the Internet--to the world. God is doing some amazing things, and my heart’s desire is to let everyone know He is actively working in hearts around the world.

You can be a part of that work. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me and New International? Together we can share the wonderful work of the Lord to the world.

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