Habacuc and Liz are serving in Christian Education, Evangelism and Discipleship.

Serving in:

  • Chile

Ministry focus:

  • Christian Education, Evangelism & Discipleship Training
with image description Since 2015
Habacuc & Elizabeth Diaz Cohoon

Habacuc and Elizabeth Diaz, with their children, have been missionaries to Habacuc's hometown of Santiago, Chile, since December 2006. They met and married while studying Intercultural studies at Kentucky Christian University. They were blessed to minister in church planting and camp ministry before becoming missionaries to urban youth in Santiago, Chile. Over the last 12 years, the needs in Santiago have changed and currently they are minstering within the local church and christian education.


Elizabeth serves as the elementary principal at Santiago Christian Academy.

Providing Leadership and Training for SCA elementary Teachers and Staff.

Providing Discipleship and spiritual formation for SCA elementary students.

Providing training and counseling for SCA elementary families and parents. 


Habacuc serves as a national pastor at Iglesia de Cristo Metropolitana. 

Providing Local church leadership training.

Providing Bible teaching for local ministry leaders.

Providing audio-visual media tools for evangelism and discipleship.


 With New International since 2005

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