Allison serves alongside the Prosperous Youth Foundation team in Thailand.

Serving in:

  • Thailand

Ministry focus:

  • Global Youth Ministry
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Allison Duncan

Allison is from Elgin, Illinois. She went to school at the University of Illinois in Springfield and graduated with a degree in English and Elementary Education. Through being involved with Christian Student Fellowship, she began to see the importance of missions and was able to participate in some short-term trips across the country. It was during college that Allison began to feel led to pursue mission work.

In 2013, Allison had the opportunity to serve with New International as an intern in Narok, Kenya. She was able to work with Africa Hope in education development.

In 2014, Allison led an intern team back to Narok, Kenya and felt her call to missions grow even stronger.

Allison is serving alongside the Prosperous Youth Foundation team in Chiang Mai, Thailand, using her passion for education development. She will be teaching English and tutoring in the youth homes, which are where youth come to stay who have moved into the city to further their education. She will also be training other youth workers to teach, while developing curriculum for the youth homes in Chiang Mai. These activities are done in hopes of fostering relationships that will give her the opportunity to share her faith and engage in discipleship.

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