"She remembered God"

She remembered God in that moment and felt His presence and decided she needed to live.

Today's story is sent to us from Allison, a year-long apprentice with Prosperous Youth Foundation, a YouthHOPE ministry in Thailand.

Our annual youth camp was held from October 19th-21st. The 250 youth who attended the camp came from youth homes all across the city. I participated in the camps as much as I could, helping take pictures, coordinate an art project, and pray for the Holy Spirit to be present. We put on workshops during the day covering a variety of topics somehow centering around the book of Daniel.

My favorite part was hearing student leaders tell their testimonies to their peers. They told of how God brought them out of serious darkness. One student, Boom, told of her past struggles with pride and how she didn't care about anyone else but herself. She was very good at cricket and was able to go to play at a championship game. While there, she got sick and went to the doctor, but was taken advantage of by her doctor. She almost jumped off her 16th floor hotel room balcony but she remembered God in that moment and felt His presence and decided she needed to live. She was moved to tears while talking and I praise God that she shared her vulnerability with her peers!

Another incredible part of the camp was seeing the way these students worship the Lord. The room absolutely exploded with joy, jumping, and feeling completely free in God's grace. My eyes teared up as I looked out over this sea of students who have similar stories. But while there is so much darkness, there is even more redemption and rescue! Our God is good and He is moving in these students! 7 students decided to follow Jesus for the first time and even more decided to commit their lives to ministry (above picture of students praying for their peers). I thank God that I was able to be at the camp. I feel energized and excited about what the year holds, knowing that I will get to experience and be a bigger part of organizing the camp next October!

Allison and student leaders

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