Recruiting by Faith

A God-orchestrated meeting led to a complete change in the course of their lives.

Today's story of transformation comes from Randy Brooks, who heads up NMSI's ministry, South Pacific Christian Fellowship. Transformation happens on the field - but it also happens getting to the field.

A few years ago, I met Mark and Holly at the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) in Indianapolis, IN. Recognizing the colors of the Australian flag on our display, they stopped by to share that their daughter had recently gotten a Cochlear Implant, which was invented by an Australian.

As they shared with me the testimony of the adoption of two of their daughters, I was amazed at their journey of faith. It was very obvious to me that God had rewarded their steps of faith throughout the entire adoption process. But as I continued to listen to them speak, I sensed that God was leading them to another crisis-of-belief moment where He was calling them to take a step of faith into full-time ministry.

So, naturally, I suggested that they consider going to New Zealand with one of our church planting teams. The thought of this was about as far away from their thinking as it could have been. Yet, I couldn't help but feel that this conversation at ICOM was not just a random event. At the end of the conversation I asked them to pray about the possibility of working with us. I planned to stay in contact, curious to know how God was going to lead them.

Several months later I was planning a trip to the Indianapolis area near Mark and Holly's home. Hopeful, I dialed Mark's number so we could set a time to reconnect. As Mark answered the call, I listened as he said that after some prayer and consideration they decided that they were no longer interested so it was not necessary to meet again.

Trusting God, I traveled to Indianapolis where I had the opportunity to have dinner with a friend from New Zealand who was also in town on business. Following our meal, we wandered through the shopping mall looking at all of the American stores.

Nearing closing time, many of the stores prepared to end their day. Prior to leaving the mall we headed for the first floor restrooms only to find that they were closed for cleaning. As we searched the second floor; I had no idea the plan that God had set in motion.

I was not expecting to see anyone that I knew at this mall. But out of the corner of my eye, while walking briskly toward our destination, I thought I recognized someone. Glancing over again, I was surprised to see Mark and Holly appear at the top of the escalators. My first thought was, “Wow! God must have really wanted us to meet.” Despite the turn down, God had orchestrated a time and place.

Mark and Holly were just as surprised. They rarely came to this mall because it was a long distance from their house. Yet, on this night they decided to celebrate their anniversary near the mall and then stroll through the mall after dinner.

God however was not surprised when they were riding up this escalator at the exact moment I just happened to be passing by. Many may write this event off to coincidence, but it reminds us all that God will do the extraordinary to move people toward His ministry purposes. Just when I had given up on the idea of meeting with them, God intervened and convinced us to explore the road ahead together.

Shortly after this encounter Mark and Holly committed to engage in this church planting ministry. They are now actively and boldly working on their financial support raising process and plan to work along side the Trusty family in New Zealand.

God reminded me once again that He will orchestrate circumstances to accomplish His kingdom purposes. The invitation to become involved in what he is doing is open to all who readily come to Him. Please keep the Trump family in your prayers as they raise support and prepare to go to New Zealand in 2016.

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