Pride comes before...eating soap?

How quickly we were reminded of our complete and utter need for Christ as we work in His Kingdom!

Today's story, from one of our families in Thailand, touches on the transformation that happens in the lives of all of our missionaries on the field - the realization that you are always learning in a new culture and how much you need God every step of the way to be a light!

"Sometimes you can start to feel important. You get invited to your first Thai wedding, and you start to think about the fact that you'll probably be the only Christians present. The day of, you bump into the only other foreigner invited, a guy who's been here almost a decade, and you give him advice on Thai wedding customs. You get your fancy clothes out of the closet (your neighbor's closet to be more specific) and you set out for the hotel - leaving plenty of time to ensure arrival by the scheduled start time. You walk in, impressing the attendants with your ability to speak their language. Your chest puffed out, head held high, except when bowing and nodding at the appropriate times. You sit down at your assigned seat anticipating the events that will come based on all that you've read leading up to the wedding day. You begin to feel a bit self sufficient in this foreign land and maybe even a little important.

You glance up and realize the room is empty. Apparently everyone else knows that 6 pm start time on the invitation doesn't really mean 6. We don't have it all figured out. Chest less puffy, feeling a little less important and now hungry. So you eat some soap. Burn your tongue and are reminded of your complete and utter dependence on God. Turns out the party favors you were handed when you walked in weren't actual miniature cupcakes, but rather soap made out of chemicals that were apparently never intended to wash tongues. Humbling. We all need it sometimes. It is a privilege and an honor that God allows us all to be workers in His Kingdom. He could use other means. Sometimes the great needs around us can make us feel needed or important, but we aren't. He doesn't need us, we completely and utterly need Him.

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