Moses Ngosila

We are blessed today to share with you an interview of a young man who was impacted by Nasha Ministries in Kenya in his youth

Moses Ngosila - Global Youth Worker in Kenya from youthHOPE on Vimeo.

We are blessed today to share with you an interview of a young man who was impacted by Nasha Ministries in Kenya in his youth and is now reaching out to the lives of youth in return. You can watch the full video or read the transcript of his transformed life here in his own words.

I'm Moses Ngosila and I am 25 years old. I live in Oletukat, Kenya. I am a resident here. I tend to the livestock here. I also till the land and grow fruits and food and that is the way of life here.

How did you connect with Nasha Ministries?

We heard about Nasha Ministries in the year 2000. We heard about it through our pastor Jacob. I was tending livestock at that time…so I wasn't going to school. Nasha Ministries came here through Jacob preaching the word of God. I wanted to go to school and that is when I had the chance to go to school. So I studied and…I finished my senior year... So Nasha really, really helped me and today I can say I know the word of God. Through Nasha I came to realize that God is able to do everything.

What does Youth Ministry mean to you?

First of all, I know it has had an impact on my life. I love it because I have been able to impact others with the word of God and also to be able to plan for the future. I also learned how to work and how I can improve my life as a youth. I also love youth ministry because the Bible says that youth are strong, they are able to preach the Gospel anywhere.

One of the challenges we go through here in Oletukat is that these youth might be born again but the parents are not, so it is so difficult for them to allow you to go to church. Sometimes the parents will tell the youth “You can't go to church because that is not the right way." When we were born again that was a time when there was a lot of traditional way of thinking here so parents would encourage us to go and become young warriors as opposed to going to church. And that is when they say you've become a real man…

What has it meant to you to have someone invest in your life?

I think it is such a blessing and I want to thank Jacob for what he has been doing in my life. I often pray for him in church because he has been a good mentor to me. He has really helped me…

Who are you now investing in?

There is this young man called Timothy who I mentor in the church just to guide him on the ways of Christ. I found him when he was a young warrior, out there in the bush and today I can testify that I've seen a lot of change in him, and even he's begun preaching the Gospel. Now we move with him from place to place putting on seminars for the youth. So when we have different youth meetings I make sure this young man is there to assist his fellow youth. As I said, that young man is named Timothy and he can also preach in the church when I'm not there and there are others also.

What is one thing you have learned that has helped you in your youth ministry?

One of the lessons I've received is how a youth can mend their ways, how they can remain in Christ and what ways a youth should follow to continue to bless God with the way they live. I got such teaching through seminars that Nasha Ministries put together.

My name is Moses Ngosila. I am from this area, Oletukat. This is my home.

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