How is Your Spiritual Life?

The Urban Action Project is all about building relationships.

The question is simple; the answer is what we are all about.

The Urban Action Project is all about building relationships. As we work on building relationships we get to meet some amazing youth. The majority of our youth are second and third generation un-churched.

However in November, we met a couple of youth that "used to go to church." In fact they used to be active leaders in the youth group and play in the worship band but today they declare themselves agnostic. Does this seem familiar? The day I met Danilo, a hair stylist and Laura, a social network manager, I asked them this simple question "Yeah, How is your spiritual life?" I usually ask this question to every youth I meet as a way to initiate a dialog. These Ex-Christians answered: "Well I don't go to church anymore. I don't believe in the church and the church leaders."

You see our spiritual life can be harmed by all kinds of issues in life or people and this is certainly true for our youth today. It is for these reasons that we invest in relationships that will help our youth grow a strong spiritual life. We believe the role of the local church is central in this area too. We also teach our youth principles that are helpful to continue developing their spiritual life when they are on their own - spiritual disciplines and community are at the core of these teachings.

So yes, I invited the Ex-Christians to continue our dialog by going deeper, trying to answer the question about "spiritual life", they agreed to meet again to talk.

We absolutely love meeting youth in our city and we absolutely love asking the questions - but what we love the most is to see how God works on their hearts as they answer the questions. Even when they don't have a clear answer, God is at work.

Please pray for these new relationships and for God's guidance on the ministry as He works to transform the lives of youth in our city.

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