To Boldly Go

"To Boldly Go" was part of the mission statement for the Starship Enterprise from a 1960's TV show “Star Trek.” It often comes to my mind

"To Boldly Go" was part of the mission statement for the Starship Enterprise from a 1960's TV show “Star Trek." It often comes to my mind when I think about the peoples of the world who do not yet have a Christian witness in their midst.

Since November I've taught twice in India and once in Ghana. In March I spent 2 weeks teaching in Myanmar. Each of these countries has unreached people groups. The Star Trek phrase came to mind again as I listened to stories from evangelists and church planters who had come to Yangon for the Myanmar Leadership Seminars.

One man began a prison ministry in 2008. When he approached the man in charge at the prison, he was told, “You will have to get permission from higher authorities." The warden thought he would never get the necessary approval. When he inquired of the higher authority, he learned that permission had been given years earlier but no one had taken advantage of it. Since beginning this ministry, he has expanded into 2 more prisons. He has baptized 24 people inside the walls and followed up with 60 others who have been released. Attending the Leadership Seminar were two men recently released from prison. He led both of them to the Lord in prison. There are no other denominational ministries allowed within the prisons. This man “is boldly going where no one has gone before."

Another man began his ministry with this statement, “I want to go where others will not go." He had lots of passion but lacked knowledge and experience. His first three years were learning years. At one point he was the only man in a classroom of women learning how to teach children. Today three churches have grown out of the children's ministries. At least 4 people have graduated from Bible College. Others have become teachers, some work with non- governmental organizations (NGO), and others are preparing for Bible school. He has begun an outreach to Burmese people. He “is boldly going where no one has gone before."

I share these stories with you, to remind you of our ministry together. These men are on the front lines of what God is doing in Myanmar. As they do their part, we too are doing our part. Let's continue to boldly go where no one has gone before.

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