A God Given Gift of Mobility

Jonas and Eleonore understood that God is calling them to start a disabled care ministry

Jonas and Eleonore Muyima contribute this story from their work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In April 2016, Jonas Muyima met Kizerbo Kasambashi Nzemba and his family and led Kizerbo and his wife to Christ. Kizerbo is a 59-year-old man, disabled since he was 15 years old. Kizerbo, his beautiful wife, and their seven children live in Mukoso village in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Upon returning to the United States, Jonas shared Kizerbo's story with his wife Eleonore and both of them started praying for God to provide special wheelchairs to help Kizerbo and 30 other disabled victims of Konzo Disease. Those disabled people are treated as witches. They are rejected and verbally abused in their communities. Jonas was heartbroken by hearing about the challenges of those people.

After prayer and reflection, Jonas and Eleonore understood that God is calling them to start a disabled care ministry to provide healing, counseling, nutritional education and mobility equipment to disabled people who are facing a lot of challenges.

In 2017 by God's providence, Jonas and his wife got in contact with Mobility Worldwide and became an official distributor of PET Carts (Personal Energy Transportation) to disabled people in the Democratic Republic of Congo through All Nation Holistic Church where both Jonas and Eleonore are pastors.

On May 2018, Jonas took 30 PET Carts for the first distribution. When Jonas arrived in Mukoso village, he told Kizerbo to call the people of the village for the opening ceremony of the big box that had a God-given gift for him. After the opening of the box, Kizerbo was so happy to receive his PET Cart and rode it for the first time. His family and people of the village were amazed and told him that he was so blessed to get a gift coming far away from the United States. Kizerbo thanked God and the donors. He said that this Personal Energy Transportation will now give him more access to the community and he will have a comfortable seat to stay longer in making the bamboo chairs and beds that he makes for living.

Jonas and Eleonore are so thankful to God for the 30 PET Carts that were distributed to disabled people to empower their lives. However, thousands more victims of Konzo disease are struggling in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You are invited to partner financially with the Muyimas at this link in shipping 100 PET Carts to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a free special distribution in Kahemba on December 3, 2018, which is The International Day of People with Disabilities.

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