Adventures in the Hill Tribes

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go on an outreach into one of the many hill tribe villages of Thailand.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go on an outreach into one of the many hill tribe villages of Thailand. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I truly didn't know what to expect. After a three-hour drive we arrived at our first destination. The trucks were unloaded and the area was set up. Games followed by worship drew the surrounding people in. The afternoon was filled with dance, drama, testimonies, and a message. People came forward and they were prayed over. Pure joy was everywhere and the day wasn't over yet. We still had one more place to go. Everything was then packed up and loaded up for another hour drive up the mountain!

Many heard the Word of God that day and some even accepted Christ into their hearts! It was amazing to see Christ's saving grace throughout those villages. But what I want to share with you today is the story behind those that brought the Word to the villages. It wasn't a bunch of foreigners, though I did tag along. This outreach was led by a group of Thai middle school and high school students who are from the hill tribe villages! This is where the Kingdom is growing and this is where my heart is.

These youth came from Hope House, a place that genuinely brings hope to these kids' lives. This youth home is also a school. They take in high-risk youth from the hill tribe villages and give them a chance at a much fuller life. I have spent the past 10 months teaching English to the high school students at Hope House. I have built some awesome relationships. They have a great love for Jesus and a desire to share it!

David is one of these students. He graduated this past February, and has been prompted by God to go into ministry! He is unsure of what that will actually look like, but praise God for a desire to serve! It's true that testimonies are powerful, and even more powerful when it's about someone you know. On the outreach, David shared his testimony with his home village. It was a blessing to see him serving and loving his people! Please pray for David as he moves forward in his calling. Currently, he is working at Hope House while taking some bible college classes. It is very encouraging to see him love God and be a Christ-like example for the other kids!

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