Miles For Missions. mile at a time.

Join us from anywhere in the world on May 22 as we cover 25,000 miles together - the number of miles around the earth - and raise $100,000 to support missions!

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Miles For Missions. mile at a time.

"And the Gospel must first be preached to all nations."  Mark 13:10   Suport the ministries you care about and make an eternal impact through Miles for Missions.

TOP 7 Questions Answered!

1.  Do miles have to be completed on May 22nd?  YES - commit to the number of miles you will complete on May 22nd.  The purpose is to have 25,000 miles covered together on that day.

2.  Can I commit to miles without donating?  YES!  You do not have to donate in order to commit miles.  Both are important and appreciated!

3.  Can I donate without completing miles on May 22nd?  YES!  If you want to donate to a team's efforts without signing up to participate - you are welcome to do so!

4.  I want to donate, but I don't see my missionaries' team name on the list.  What do I do?  Ask your missionary if they've created a team, or email for help.

5.  I want to help, but not sure I'd be a good team lead - what should I do?  Sign up a team using the link below, and support the ministry you care about!  Make your fundraising goal something you feel compelled to donate personally, and fill in the miles you will commit that day.  If you feel prompted to share what you are doing with others, you can, but that is not a requirement and a team of just you is wonderful and appreciated! :)

6.  How do I have to complete the miles? Where is the event?  We are excited about this because of the freedom it allows for people to be involved.  You can participate from wherever you are, and you can complete miles in any way you'd like.  Some people are jogging alone; others are putting together prayer walks in the park; and some are even driving their miles.  It is up to you!  The only guideline is that they must be completed on May 22nd, so please commit to miles you will intentionally complete that day. 

7.  Who should I contact with questions?  Email Janelle at with any additional questions.

‘He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”’ Mark 16:15  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates. We can't wait to move with you on May 22nd!

Africa Hope
Supporting AfricaHope
230 Miles Committed
$2,679.78 of $5,000.00
Akwaaba - it's team Ghana!
Supporting Ochs Ghana May-June 2021
60 Miles Committed
$1,062.96 of $1,000.00
Better Together
Supporting *Global Outreach Fund*
120 Miles Committed
$1,011.11 of $5,000.00
A Journey to Serve
Supporting Donny & Sarah Grice-Fitzgerald
298 Miles Committed
$466.66 of $6,000.00
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