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Caleb & Monika Sannoh

We both knew that one day we would go on the mission field, even at a young age. We believe that the desire to help others was implanted by the Holy Spirit.

In 2014, Caleb and I met and started a relationship. One day Caleb asked me if I would go to Africa with him and I said yes. We were married later that year.

In May 2015, we traveled to Liberia to visit family and friends. While there, we saw a huge need for the gospel of the Lord Jesus. We fell in love with the country and people. Caleb preached in a couple of the churches, reminding him of his roots in Liberia. He pastored a church in Liberia when he was younger.

When I visited Liberia, I was shocked at the lack of eye care facilities. I brought a few eyeglasses with me and they were handed out very quickly. The need was greater than the supply. I found out later that most of the people have to wait for the Mercy Ship to come around for eye care. Some may have to travel to Ghana for eye care. There is only one eye clinic in the country, which is in the capital city, Monrovia.

After our trip, we both wanted to go back and help in some way, but weren't sure how at the time. Then in the Fall of 2015, a missionary couple from Liberia stayed with us for about 2 weeks in the USA. During our fellowship with them, we learned a lot about missions. We also attended a Missions conference with them and had long talks.

After the conference, we applied to a few mission organizations to go on a 4-6-month mission trip. For various reasons, things kept falling through. God was closing doors in that direction. We even applied to the organization that our friends in Liberia were a part of. We thought we could work alongside them in Robertsport, Liberia.

We decided to travel to Liberia in August 2016 to visit our missionary friends at Robertsport. While we were there, we saw the work that they were doing and were impressed. However, it was very clear to both Caleb and I that God was not calling us there.

When we traveled to Kakata, Liberia, doors seemed to open for us. We both felt in our hearts that this is where God wanted us to be. After praying about it separately and together, God used the story of Abraham to confirm it in our hearts His plan for us. God told Abraham, “Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you.” Abraham did not know exactly where he was going, yet he obeyed. When we read that, we knew then that God was calling us into full time Mission work, instead of going back and forth between the USA and Liberia.

Our hearts desire is to use the experience and knowledge of God's grace to help others, rather than live our lives just for ourselves.

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