The Stellhorns are preparing to go serve in Scotland!

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  • Community Mission Building
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Christopher & Shannon Stellhorn

Christopher and Shannon Stellhorn have been married for sixteen years and have five children. Cephas (their oldest who is adopted and preparing to enter the US Military), Gideon, Silas, Aibhlinn, and Cullen. 

Christopher is from the Gulf Coast in Texas and Shannon from the St. Louis area of Missouri. Christopher has served for almost two decades in ministry, from preaching, student ministry, children's ministry, house father and everything in between. Shannon is a home birth midwife and a teacher at the Texas Midwifery school. Prior to marriage Shannon served in short-term overseas missions to Cuba and Costa Rica, as well served as a houseparent at a Christian maternity home.

For seven years they've were in prayer after their first trip to Scotland. Tthey felt the desire to one day serve in the UK and now that time is here! They are preparing at this time and plan to launch Fall 2021!

Their vision is to come alongside struggling, but faithful Followers of Jesus, to help strengthen & revitalize them, to provide them the resources needed to re-establish the gospel presence in their hurting communities. They want to send out vibrant and healthy churches, extending the healing arm of Christ as they prepare to plant new church communities in Scotland. Shannon plans to start a new mom's support group and lactation support group as a ministry. Current stats according to Barna are that only 2-3% of Scots are followers of Christ and only 1% attend a Bible based church.

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