Slava and Maria have a vision to plant new churches and train local pastors in church planting and pastoral care.

Serving in:

  • Russia

Ministry focus:

  • Evangelism
with image description Since 2015
Slava & Maria Pleskach

Slava and Maria Pleskach

We are missionaries and church planters. Currently we are pastoring a church and pray about starting new churches. We have established a pastor training school where we prepare ministry leaders. We see our main role in training dedicated ministers for the Mission and new church plants.
In ministry we focus on personal evangelism, discipleship and personal mentoring. Our church right now is seeing an influx of young people and people with personal and emotional trauma. Many of the young people who join the church also are wounded by incorrect family relationships. We have made building a healthy Christian family the main focus of our ministry.

With New International since 1998

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