Ryan and Mary seek to reduce poverty by providing business training and mentoring in various stages of business startup.

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  • SE Asia

Ministry focus:

  • Community Development
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Ryan & Mary

Ryan is the CEO of Myanmar Business Answers and Executive Director of Micro Empire, both operating in Southeast Asia. Ryan graduated from Johnson University in 2005 with a Youth Ministry and Preaching degree. Since joining NMSI, he has traveled to 27 different countries, was co-director of Go Global, founding member of YouthHOPE, and was the Founder and Executive Director of a business entrepreneurial school. Ryan got his business savvy from traditional trial and error and has a knack for innovative and resourceful problem solving.

Micro Empire (ME) is a social enterprise which exists to alleviate poverty and unemployment through private sector development. Focusing on disadvantaged and at-risk people, especially youth, women, and victims of human trafficking. This business incubator offers two training programs: Financial Literacy and Starting a business with $5. These training programs besides offering people financial freedom exist to find quality people to invest into their micro-business ideas to scale. ME creates jobs through these micro-ventures and educates people about personal and business finance .

Myanmar Business Answers in a business consulting and grant management company that provides opportunities, creating jobs through starting micro-ventures and through private sector development projects funded by grant partners

On June 22, 2010, Ryan proposed to Mary who said, "Of course." Ryan and Mary were married on January 7, 2011, Mary holds an English degree and will finish her Masters in Organizational Leadership from Development Associates International (DAI) this year (2016)!

Mary Russell is the co-founder and owner of Myanmar Business Answers. Mary is an integral part of the business by doing translation, research, and helping with strategy.

With New International since 2005

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