Matthew serves Ends Cycling as the Communications and Project Manager.

Serving in:

  • United States

Ministry focus:

  • Global Youth Ministry
with image description Since 2015
Matthew Miller


Matt was born and raised in Fort Myers, FL. Out of high school, Matt studied "Computer Information Technology," but decided to change professions. For 12 years, he served our community as a Deputy Sheriff.

In 2014, after serving as a ride leader on an Ends Cycling event, God called him into full-time ministry with Ends Cycling. After leaving behind his 12 year carrier, life-time job benefits and much more for God's Glory, Matt serves with Ends of the Earth Cycling full-time as the Communications and Project Manager.

God continues to work through Ends Cycling to leverage resources (A Half-million and counting) for things like clean water, alleviation of hunger, prevention of human trafficking, global youth ministry training, and lives transformed for His glory in over 17 countries. (and growing!)

Matthew lives with his wonderful wife, Jennifer and two awesome children.

90% of all your donations go directly toward allowing the Miller family to continue serving Christ with Ends of the Earth Cycling in Jesus name! The other 10% helps to fund the admin for our parent organization, New International; a not-for-profit, which in all honestly, helps the Miller's do what we do all the better. New International honors your preference of where your donations go.

Ends of the Earth Cycling is a ministry of New International and is accredited by Charity Navigator and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

To God be the Glory!

With New International since 2014


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