The core of the Tophoven's ministry is to train, consult, and support the next generation of professional, globally-minded Christian counselors.

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  • Professional Support for Missionaries and Pastor Families/Mental Health and the Church
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Ingo & Capri Tophoven

Both Ingo and Capri have been professional Christian counselors since 1993. Each received an M.A. degree in counseling from Regent University. In 2014, Ingo also finished a Ph.D. in Regent University's Counselor Education and Supervision program. Capri holds a Texas and now a Virginia L.P.C. license (LPC=licensed professional counselor).  

Ingo and Capri, their children Lukas (23), Katharina (20) and Annika (17), worked in Berlin, Germany, for almost nine years serving the local church, serving pastors and missionaries with professional counseling services that seek to combine proven research insights with theological wisdom and biblical direction. Ingo and Capri believe that the redemptive work of Christ is at the core of every counseling, coaching, and consulting interaction.

In June of 2017, the Tophoven family moved to Chesapeake, Virginia, for two reasons: 1) Ingo started a new job as assistant professor at Regent University. As of July 2018, he is also the department chair for what Regent calls "the new ministry programs". These are three graduate programs that promote mental health and the church in trainning human services workers, pastoral counselors, and doctoral students in becoming Christian leaders in their communities and churches. In these roles he is allowed to dedicate time to missional work each week. As a evangelical instituation of higher Christian learning, it is part of Regent's mission to see their professors be engaged missionally.

Capri and Ingo have two simple objectives: 1) help train a new generation of counselors that can competently navigate ministry-related roles and, with the help of your support and disperse this knowledge and training to areas that do not have access to such training and tools; 2) help build and supervise new actual Christian counseling centers around the world. These counseling centers should be a trusted resource to pastors and clergy of all Christian denominations, staffed with trained people, and servicing the Christian community as well as anyone needing help. We also seek for these counseling centers to become 100% self-sufficient, thus teaching workable business solutions and entrepeneurship along the way. 

Ingo is leaving for the Republic of Georgia this summer (2019), in order to seek conversations on starting a counseling center in Tsibilii, Georgia. 

It's time to work on multiplication

As we are looking back on nine years on the mission field in Berlin, Germany, we have learned much about doing Christian counseling in the context of a secular society. We now seek partners who can share a similar vision. We do not want to build our own kingdom and sell any products, but we want to collaborate with existing structures here in the US, in Europe, and across the world. We believe it is not necessary that each organization seeking to do similar things, exists on its own. We hope to network with indigenous counseling and reserach structures to fulfill the goal of building Christian counseling ministries that will remain a strong staple in their local community for as long as God allows. 

Do we still do counseling? Yes. Currently, we do donation-based client work. If you are a missionary or pastor or family member of a missioanry or pastor family, e-mail us and we can listen to what you need. Capri specializes in personal ministry and counseling to women, as well as counseling missionary kids and teenagers. Ingo predominantly counsels couples and works directly with churches and ministries. Capri maintains her caseload mostly online. Ingo does the same when consulting and supervising.  

Feel free to contact us anytime!

Ingo and Capri Tophoven

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