Mambo! We run a demonstration farm under AfricaHope in Kenya, Africa. Our plan is to reach the Maasai through building relationships, discipleship, and farming God's way!

Serving in:

  • Kenya

Ministry focus:

  • Agriculture / Disipleship
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Elijah & Katelynn Kemerly

Sustainable Farming and Discipleship

AfrcaHope has a 60 acre fenced plot designed to be used as a series of small demonstration gardens and a larger cash crop section. This will provide oppurtunties for Maasai to try farming a small plot of ground, with Elijah mentoring the new farmers, to see what produces in the semi-arid environment. Through the farming and visiting with the dozen new Churches AfricaHope has started in the immediate area we will build relationships, participate in life in their villages or homesteads, join and create new Bible studies, and make disciples! 

Would you partner with us?

Elijah's area of expertise is farming and providing a role model for young men. Katelynn is able to aid him and develop impactful relationships with local women and children through the role of a Godly wife. The food security and farming ministry allows a platform for developing spiritual relationships to deepen the understanding of the Gospel. If you or anyone you know would be interested in partnering with them send a message to Thank you!

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