Passing On a Legacy-Loving to Learn Gifts given will help create a Learning Center in Honor of Louise, Tracy's mom.

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  • Creating a Learning/Sewing Center
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A Legacy of Learning- Louise Lloyd

July 27, 2019

One more of “The Greatest Generation” finished her journey.

One thing that can be said about Louise Lloyd is that she loved to sew and craft almost as much as she loved eating spaghetti wearing her beautiful RecycloCraftz apron. Until her last days she found joy in picking up a craft project. God knew what He was doing when He allowed her to live her last year with Occupational Therapist daughter, Tracy, the founder of RecycloCraftz.

Louise passed her love of sewing and crafting onto her all her five children and Tracy used her skills to found the RecycloCraftz Ministry to benefit impoverished women, men and youth in Lusaka, Zambia.

Louise and her husband of 64 years, John,  loved to see people learn. Growing up in an era where people used their hands to create what they needed, the Lloyds passed that skill onto those they came into contact with- Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, people at church of all ages and neighbors. Louise came by it naturally being the 5th girl in the home of a shop teacher.

Crafting was not the only skill important to them. Educational advancement and a strong work ethic spurred them on to teach illiterate men and woman in rural North Carolina and mentor young men as they applied to the United States Coast Guard Academy.

In Louise’s honor her family decided that funds donated in her memory will be used to create a sewing center to teach and advance skills for the RecycloCraftz artisans. In addition, those involved in the ministry and their children and the orphans under their care will have access to a community library at the RecycloCraftz Educational Enrichment Center in Lusaka, Zambia.


Please make a one-time donation or join many others to set up a monthly donation in any amount to see many others leave a legacy of loving to learn in memory of Louise Lloyd.

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