When COVID-19 Strikes

Every day I am reminded that I can control nothing, that I am totally dependent on HIM

Due to the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, Ends Cycling's 2020 Key West Bike Ride was postponed. How has that affected the registered cyclists? Chris Wray shares his perspective.

To be totally transparent - I have been dragging around here all day, "pouting" - and majorly disappointed that our Key West Bike Ride (KWBR) has been postponed... I even sat down earlier, in the middle of our den floor, emptied out all the great ride snacks I had neatly packed away - Three bags in total, all labeled and ready to share with all my KWBR buddies - and I gorged myself till I could not eat any more! Then, I sat there for about 20 minutes - lost in all my gluttonous glory...

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