Wait for God

What I need right now is to wait and follow the Lord’s plan.

My first couple of weeks as an intern with Ends Fishing has been very transforming. God has shown me time and time again that I am right where I am supposed to be. I tend to have a habit of wanting to jump all into something that I am passionate about and it tends to drive me out of bounds trying to go over the top. When the Ends Fishing internship began, I got so excited and dreamt about all of the possibilities. But I quickly realized that I need to chill and take a breather. The Lord has allowed me to dream big for the future, but what I need right now is to wait and follow the Lord’s plan to get there. 

My goal is to glorify God with what He deserves, and I am excited to see how it will happen through Ends Fishing. As I began to slow down and take control of my big dreams, I am able to truly see God working through this ministry. 

Last weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to help Bass Pro Shops at their free kids fishing event. Through this and several other opportunities, we have been able to witness the support and the confirmation that God has Ends Fishing in His hands. 

As faithful servants and witnesses of Jesus, our callings and passions can be used to glorify God. What we must be careful of is that we do not get side tracked and blinded by our skills and talents. We need to remember the true purpose of why we are passionate and that our skills and passions come from Christ. Our passion to share the Gospel is why we have been gifted by God the Father to proclaim the good news to all. 

Peyton fishing with some young friends at a local fishing outing


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