Unbridled Joy and Barriers Broken

The joy in the faces of the people worshiping was beautiful.

Today's story is from our Zambia/Malawi Venture Internship team! Please keep our interns in prayer and check out more of their updates and stories here.

Today we worshiped at a church of probably less than twenty people. The joy in the faces of the people worshiping was beautiful. We truly enjoy the zeal that the Malawians have for God and their welcoming us into their congregation. Aimee and I have been working through the book of Romans in our devotional time and we came across the verse Romans 12:11 which reads, “Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit." This is not something that I am very aware of when I am at home in the states. Often times I am not zealous for God or fervent in my spirit either. So it was truly a wake-up call to read that verse and then see it in action in church service today. That joy and that zeal for God is something I hope to carry home with me. -Brittany, Intern

Brittany and I have been spending some time at our ministry site out in the village. It has been a neat experience to spend some time with the girls, but it has also been quite a challenge to get past the language barriers. We speak English, and they speak Chichewa. However, a moment came where that barrier was broken. They began teaching us Chichewa, and we began trying to speak it. We failed…like really bad. They laugh. And just like that, friendships are made. To keep you posted, we will be heading back to the village shortly and spending a good amount of time there, and to say the least, we are both excited to continue building those relationships. -Aimee, Team Leader

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