I See the Value

He gave Niw 20 times the amount of money he owed but the reason why brought joy to Niw's heart.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him." - Psalm 34:8

Khomsan arrived with his daughter and four of her friends at our Lisu Youth Conference last month. He approached the registration table and noticed the sign reading, "CONFERENCE T-SHIRTS, 100 BAHT EACH" (nearly $3). He reached into his wallet, pulled out some bills, and handed Niw the money to purchase five shirts. Niw looked at the 10,000 baht (nearly $300), looked with confusion up at Khomsan and said, "This is way too much!" Khomsan's reply was priceless:

“I see the value in the ministry you are doing. My daughter is 13 years old. There are so many activities that she's involved in at school that are not faith-based activities and it's so important to me that she get to experience what Christian fellowship is like. The money I'm giving you is nothing compared to the value of the experience that my daughter will have at the conference. My two fears as a father are that my daughter won't be able to speak our ethnic language and that she won't know the way of the Lord, and I know these are the areas in which you're making an impact."

Yet another parent who runs a lighting rental business saw our evening program, that we were using the stage with no lighting and felt like it would really enhance the feel of conference if we had some stage lights. So he brought in some lights and let us use them for free! That was the most powerful evening of worship that we had.

All of this to say that it was a huge blessing to see that parents are seeing the impact that our ministry is having on their teenagers and they want to support it. It's all about giving these youth the opportunity to see that the Lord is good, and our prayer is that they will take refuge in Him!

Twenty-eight youth did just that as they made a decision to follow Jesus and thirty-three more committed to serving God in their daily lives! The follow-up communication with these youth over the coming months will be of great importance. We ask for your prayers in this task!

-Niw and Jaime

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