Education Matters

A school is being built to transform a community in Haiti

In remote areas of Haiti, parents are faced with the choice of sending their children far away to family in larger communities so that their children have a chance at being educated. The alternative is that their children get no education at all. In the remote village of Maplat, Haiti, children do have the opportunity to be educated near home, however over 200 children are currently meeting in an old and dark one room schoolhouse. Missionaries Nego and Ellen have a dream of tearing down this tiny building and rebuilding a small school with four classrooms for students in grades 1-4 in 2016. This school will give even more parents and their children the opportunity to receive a quality Christian education that they need, while keeping families together instead of the children being sent away. This project is one of the 8 projects that are featured in this year's gift catalog. The estimated cost to complete this school is $8,400. Will you join in transforming this community and the future for the people of Maplat through the gift of a desk or supplies?

The current building
The current building

Inside the dark, one-room classroom

Inside the dark, cramped schoolhouse

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