Lauren serves as Transformative Water Project coordinator with Africa Hope while earning her Ph.D. at Penn State in Civil Engineering

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Lauren Trepanier

Lauren earned her master's degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Water Resources in 2015. Her bachelor's degree in 2013 is also from Purdue in Agriculture Engineering and a focus on Environmental and Natural Resources.

When Lauren was a freshman at Purdue, God called her to international community development and water resources. She still remembers the call-out meeting that she attended where she learned about opportunities to serve developing communities with an engineering degree. Through different ministry opportunities in college, God grew Lauren's heart for missions, and it has been a life-long dream of hers to pursue international community development with an emphasis on mission.

During 2016, Lauren did an apprenticeship focused primarily on water resource projects at AfricaHope. From the end of 2016 into 2018, Lauren served as data analyst on the Child Sponsorship team while helping lead a clean drinking water initiative with Africa Hope to reach the Maasai. 

Throughout the course of 2017 while serving at the Center for Global Outreach (CGO), Lauren had an awesome additional opportunity to research and develop a water purification system appropriate for the Maasai household context in partnership with ECHO Global Farms, Florida Gulf Coast University, Aqua Clara, and CAWST.  God led this to an established working relationship between Aqua Clara Kenya and Africa Hope in 2018. Since then, God has blessed Lauren's ministry in so many amazing and fruitful ways through the creation of Running Water 5K, initiation of WASHiriki health clubs amongst Maasai communities, and the placement of 40 hollow fiber membrane filters to test community acceptance and filter effectiveness.  

God called her back to school to pursue her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in the fall of 2018 at Penn State, and Lauren is excited to see how God will continue to equip her with skills in engineering to further His kingdom and advance the Gospel in amazing ways! She is happy to still have the opportunity to serve and further Africa Hope's work in clean drinking water while she pursues her studies. 

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