Kamitra is working in Kherson, bringing the love of Christ to orphans with physical and mental handicaps.

Serving in:

  • Ukraine

Ministry focus:

  • Community Transformation
with image description Since 2015
Kamitra Carr

Kamitra has always had a heart for children and adults with disabilities, as well as a heart to serve. She has worked in group homes for adults with disabilities in both Tennessee and Florida since 2008. In the summer of 2011, Kamitra was given the opportunity to do an internship with New International to Kherson, Ukraine to work in an orphanage for children with disabilities. That summer, Kamitra knew God was calling her to ministry in Ukraine and she returned the following two summers. The wonderful time she spent serving with New International over three summers led her to affiliate in September 2013.

Kamitra works in the orphanage for those with physical and mental handicaps, as well as in the new group home (in the building stages) for teens when they age out of the orphanage. God is using the experience she has working in group homes in the States to help with the fine details which go into running a group home and teaching nationals these same skills; all while sharing the love of Christ.

The ministry focuses on bringing the Kingdom of God and love of Christ into the walls of a place that is typically bleak, lifeless and hopeless. Through caring for the children, education, Bible studies, skills development and rehabilitation, God's light shines through the orphanage.

Prayer Requests:

  • The plans and construction of the group home
  • Spiritual awakening in the orphanage and throughout Ukraine
  • Awareness and service in the orphanage from local churches
  • Wisdom and discernment when working with the children and workers
  • God's love to continue to be translated to the children and workers

With New International since 2013

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