WithYou Program is an Arabic Online Community Promoting Holistic Wellness and Assist Refugees.

Serving in:

  • Arabic Speaking Communities

Ministry focus:

  • Community Leadership Development & Assisting Refugees
with image description Since 2017
George Dababneh & Zina Kamoura

Hello. Please allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is George (from Jordan) and my wife name is Zina (from Iraq). After over fifteen years of community service in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Sudan, we came to realize the need for advance education in professional counseling which will better equip us to meet the needs of the Arab communities especially to deal with Trauma (PTSD) experienced in the Middle East. For this reason, we came back to Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) to obtain a master's degree in professional counseling from Cincinnati Christian University. Through our studies the vision for building an online community to present and discuss the holistic approach on wellness and provide training services became better defined

This online community is called WithYou Program, or (?????? ????) in the Arabic language. We aim to make it a safe environment for Arabic speaking people who are interested in learning more about the Wellness Model to enrich their life and contribute to the community in a way which will show sensitivity and respect to the cultural backgrounds and traditions of others

We invite you to partner with us in making this vision a reality

George & Zina

Arabic Website: https://ma33a.com/

English Website: https://WithYouProgram.com/

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