Aaron and Angie are serving in global missions through YouthHOPE

Serving in:

  • Global Ministries

Ministry focus:

  • Global youth ministry and community development
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Aaron & Angie Arnold

In 1998, Aaron and Angie, along with their then 2-year-old daughter Mackenzie, were called to Santiago, Chile where Aaron served as a youth pastor in a local church for five years. In 2004, seeing a need for youth leader training throughout the country he launched the Youth Network (which later became Youth Specialties Chile). This ministry was serves youth workers throughout all of Chile by networking, training and resourcing them.

In 2008, the Arnolds returned to the United States after serving 10 years in Chile, and having added a second daughter Sofia (1999) to the family. Aaron is a part of the leadership of a ministry called YouthHOPE, which is dedicated to transforming the lives of global youth by equipping the church to meet their holistic needs. Resources and training for global youth workers are provided while awareness of the need for global youth ministry is built. YouthHOPE's ministry is demographically focused on youth between the ages of 12 and 25, their main target being developing countries where youth have little to no opportunities. Angie works at a local non-profit where they live on the near northside of Chicago.

Aaron and Angie graduated from Cincinnati Christian University in 1995; Aaron with a BA in Theology and Angie a BA in Christian Education. Aaron went on to earn an MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University in 2008.

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